If your home or apartment is lacking in space, you probably already know how to get creative with your storage, making sure everything that you need is in an accessible (yet tiny) space. But as many storage hacks as you may have, your creativity can only go so far when your space begins to feel cramped or crowded. You may not be able to start knocking down walls or adding in new windows — but you can change your window treatments! Follow these tips to find out how changing your windowscape can help to make your space feel bigger.

1. Choose a windowscape that is low-profile.

Big, detailed window treatments can enhance the luxury of your home, but busy designs can also make a space feel smaller. When you pick your home’s windowscape — especially when picking for a tight space — try to find a window treatment that is low-profile, simple, and understated. Window treatments like roller shades and wooden blinds can become flush with your windows, saving you space and complementing your window (and decor!) without overwhelming the whole room with unnecessary details.

2. Choose a windowscape that lets in the most natural light.

Thick, heavy windowscapes are beautiful and deluxe, but they aren’t the best option for small rooms because they block so much natural light. Sheer shades or drapes are beneficial for small spaces because they are visually unobtrusive, physically lightweight to the eye. Letting in lots of natural sunlight helps a room feel bigger and brighter, and the light materials used in sheer shades and drapes help to really brighten things up.

3. Use an exterior windowscape instead of an interior windowscape.

Instead of taking up space inside by mounting your windowscape on the interior, take your windowscape to the exterior! Create the illusion of larger windows by keeping a window treatment out of their way; keep the benefits of having a window treatment by using exterior shutters to control the light coming into the room. By keeping your windows free of obstructions, they’ll appear larger, making your room feel bigger.

4. Choose a windowscape with uniform, light colors instead of dark colors.

Dark colors can make a bold statement, but they can also make small spaces feel even more claustrophobic. Light colors bounce light more, perfect for making the most of your small space! For the best results, choose a windowscape with sheer white or off-white material to maximize this effect, as light passing through this material makes your windowscape bright and glowy.

The shades or blinds that you choose don’t just impact the amount of light that enters your home, they can also affect how big (or small) your space feels. Choosing the wrong windowscape could make a small space feel even more small… but choosing the right windowscape can make your space feel open, bright, and homey. If you want a custom windowscape to help your home feel bigger and brighter, our team of experts can help you choose the best high-quality options based on your style and needs. Give us a call at (843) 949-8444 so that we can design your interior windowscapes today!