Window treatments — or windowscapes, as we like to call them — can be a hard choice when building or renovating a space. Oftentimes, windowscapes come as an afterthought; but we’re here to tell you that a beautiful windowscape can tie together any home or business, adding style, shade, functionality, and security to your desired space. A basic drapery may seem like just that — basic — but the world of drapery styling is endless! From the colors, to the hanging, to the hardware, to the finishes, no space is complete without a set of beautiful drapes to compliment its unique aesthetic. Read on for a comprehensive list of some of our favorite drapery finishes, and what each of them may contribute to your perfect windowscape.

Linen Drapes

Linen offers a timeless finish, adding warmth and sophistication to any space. Linen seems to never go out of style, most likely because of its luxurious appearance and functionality — linen drapes can help keep your heating bills down in the winter months, offering valuable insulation to your windows and double doors! Linen is long-lasting, eco-friendly, easy to take care of at home or with a professional dry-cleaner, and has a wonderful appeal. It also still lets plenty of light into a space, without sacrificing any privacy. Of course, linen comes in plenty of wonderful colors and designs so that you can pick the best linen drapes for your style.

Sateen Luster Drapes

Sateen luster has a smooth, silky finish for an upscale, modern appeal. Woven to create a luminous sheen, luster drapes are usually a little thicker and more tightly woven. This fabric has a soft, inviting touch. You won’t be able to deny the luxury of this fabric, with its beautiful flowiness and upscale appearance! Sateen luster drapes are durable, won’t attract dust, drape beautifully in any space, and are characterized by bright color, due to the smoothness of its fibers; you can get sateen luster drapes in any color to fit any room and be in full control of the amount of light that you let into the space.

Sateen Matte Drapes

Sateen matte drapes are soft in appearance, boasting a more contemporary look that can work in any space. This particular drape is similar to the sateen luster, but different in that it has less shine, giving the fabric a powdery-matte, pillowy appearance. Like the sateen luster drapes, sateen matte drapes are luxurious in that they carry weight, draping heavily and blocking out most light that might try to come in through the window or door. These drapes can come in any color or pattern, so you can fully customize your sateen matte drapery windowscape however you choose.

Natural Drapes

Natural drapes are made from renewable materials, including bamboo, reeds, grass, and jute. These natural materials are woven together tightly into this stylish window treatment, adding a natural flare to your windows or patio doors. Natural drapes add organic color and texture to your space, ranging from fully-opaque to somewhat transparent, so you can really narrow down the material that you’re looking for to get that perfect aesthetic and still control the overall light in the room.

Artisan Drapery

Artisan drapes are the best of both worlds! With distinct, creative designs to match any home decor, and coming in a variety of fabrics and finishes (including the ones mentioned here), artisan drapes make it easy to turn any space into a designer lounge. Artisan drapery can be any material, with any finish, in any color and design — choose sewn-in liners with bottom weights for a controlled hang and fully-opaque drape, or choose protected weather fabric to hang your drapes outside and expand your living space. The possibilities are endless!

So now you have an idea of what kind of drape you’re looking for, you might have even more questions than answers! For example: What size drapes should you purchase? What sort of hardware fits my space the best? What about additional custom touches to my windowscape? The good news is, if you want to know more about what drapery styles and finishes will tie your space together, we’re only a phone call away! Contact us today by calling (843) 949-8444 so that we can begin bringing your custom drapery windowscape to life.