Pantone’s colors of the year were announced on December 9th, 2020, and if you were befuddled at Pantone’s choice of electric yellow and boring gray, then you’re not alone. The world had mixed feelings about the color duo — but according to Pantone, this color combination stood for something much deeper than a few color swatches.

Pantone calls these colors out as feelings: Thoughtful plus forward-thinking, strength plus hope, practical plus optimistic. According to Pantone, these colors symbolize the light at the end of the metaphorical tunnel; something that everyone was craving after 2020. Thus, Illuminating Yellow and Ultimate Gray have made their way into Pantone’s Colors of the Year book, playing on modern trends and classic movements throughout all of 2021. While this new “Gen Z Yellow” has yet to overthrow its predecessor, Millennial Pink, we have a few ideas on how to incorporate this exciting new color duo into your windowscape to keep your aesthetic trendy and fresh.

1. Bold Color-Blocked Drapes

These drapes are about as bold as they come! When placed in a more understated, simple, bright setting such as this one, all eyes are on this luxurious, weighty windowscape. The neutral understatement of Pantone’s Ultimate Gray contrasts the brightness of Illuminating Yellow, bringing a light cheerfulness to this living space by drawing your attention to the sunny windows.

2. Bright Drapes Against Dark Walls

The contrast in this room is what sets it apart from most! With Illuminating Yellow present in the semi-opaque drapes, Ultimate Gray offsets it by dominating the wall color, creating a dramatic contrast that draws you in. The darkness of the gray walls makes this living room a cozy space, bookended by the yellow curtains that allow the slightest bit of light through them.

3. Understated Yellow Accent

When you have a bathroom as minimal as this one, any pop of color will stand out — Especially this cheery use of Pantone’s Illuminating Yellow on the drapery, accented by a gray floral design and matching the fun yellow bathtub. This understated use of Pantone’s 2021 colors of the year is very doable for those who want a more relaxed, bright environment while still staying on-trend.

4. Color-On-Color Combination

With a Pantone as bright as Illuminating Yellow, it’s hard to imagine it working so well with other colors like this! The dark green of the walls in this living space neutralizes the brightness of the yellow, combining with the sheer white drapes and Ultimate Gray drapes to make an exciting, trendy color scheme. The way this window treatment matches the couch and pillow ties the space together neatly, as windowscapes always do!

Whether you enjoy to stay up-to-date on all the latest trends from Pantone, or you just love Illuminating Yellow and Ultimate Gray together, we hope these windowscapes inspire you to get creative when you begin to think of ideas for your next window treatment!

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