Working from home is more popular than ever! As we come out of a full year of COVID-19 stay-at-home orders, you may be looking around your well-loved home office and hoping for a remodel for future workdays. Whether you have a home office all to yourself and you’re looking for a personal space to accept clients, or you share a home office space with your children who are doing virtual schooling, we put together a list of some of our favorite windowscape additions to spruce up your workspace at home and make it into a space where you and your household truly love to work. Here are our favorite windowscape additions for your home office!

Automated Shades

We already know that traditional blinds are the ultimate way to customize your in-home windows — Adding automated shades to your home office is just the beginning of combining your custom style with the comfort of privacy and the ultimate convenience! With electronic automated shades, you can control any shade at the push of a button — even your hard-to-reach shades — or you can put your shades on an automatic schedule. When it’s time to start your workday in your home office, schedule your shades to raise to let light in as you work!

Not only are automated shades convenient, they can also do everything that your traditional blinds can to help to regulate your in-home temperature and keep your office space private. Light and heat from the sun means energy that you don’t have to pay for; lower energy consumption means less money to pay on your bills, making you (and your wallet) happier as you spend time in your home office. Plus, automated shades can come in any shape, size, material, or color, so you’re not sacrificing your personal style for the convenience of automated shades.

Fabric Shades

If you want to add a softer appeal to your home office space and still be in full control of the amount of light that you let into the room, fabric shades may be the perfect windowscape option for you. These fully-customizable shades come in an assortment of fabrics varying in opacity, texture, color, and design so that your home office has that unique sense of style that you’re looking for — plus, the amount of options that you have for easy-to-use lift controls in your fabric shades gives you the added benefit of knowing exactly what will be placed in your home office and how to operate it beforehand.

For a more bright, open home office, we recommend a more transparent fabric; when this fabric is down for privacy, or when it’s pulled up in a stylish fold, it will still allow light to enter the room. For a more private home office, we recommend a more opaque fabric; this will ensure that little-to-no light enters the space when your fabric shades are down, keeping your home office closed off from any potential outside spectators, and also shaded and cool.

Natural Shades

These specialty shades are made from natural resources like jute, bamboo, and grasses and are typically handwoven for a unique, richly textured design. While you may be more limited in your design options with these naturally-derived shades, you’ll still get a beautifully earthy element to your home office’s aesthetic when you choose natural shades for your office windowscape.

These sophisticated shades are best suited for someone who wants to add a pop of texture to their home office, bring in a chic modern element to their earth-toned space, or tie together multiple wooden elements — such as a desk, side table, or shelf — that are present in the space. Natural shades come in a wide range of lift controls, including a motorized option for optimal convenience.

Interior Shutters

Interior shutters combine the traditional style that you love, with the privacy that you need! Investing in a custom set of interior shutters to perfectly fit your space is essential for your fully-customized home office. Your color, material, and finish options are limitless. If you’re looking for added flare for your home office, a windowscape of meticulously crafted shutters will add timeless elegance to your workspace for years to come.

Custom interior shutters can do anything that you want them to do: They can fold open, fold closed, be turned up to let light in, or turned down to keep light out. If you have a door leading in or out of your home office, you can even customize your shutters to your door! This is ideal for the ultimate privacy as you work, host meetings, or accept clients into your home office space.

Your home office windowscape is personal to you and your lifestyle. With this inspiration, you are sure to find the best windowscape for your home office space!

If you want a custom windowscape for your home office, our team of experts can help you choose the best high-quality options based on your style and needs. Give us a call at (843) 949-8444 so that we can design your interior windowscapes today!