We’re fourteen days into the 2021 hurricane season and one of this year’s named storms has already come and gone in the Atlantic Ocean, which means it’s probably time for homeowners and business owners in the Low Country and Coastal Empire to reevaluate the integrity — and style! — of their home’s storm shutters. Fortunately, there are so many options available for storm shutter customers so that your home can continue to carry consistent style from the inside to the outside, without sacrificing any safety or security when the next hurricane hits. Check out our picks for stylish storm shutters that keep your home safe and looking amazing!

Rolling Shutters

Rolling shutters are so easy to use, you’ll wonder why you waited so long to get them! Rolling Shutters are some of the most convenient storm shutter systems that a homeowner or business-owner can invest in. These shutters are available in a wide variety of colors and can be controlled manually or automatically using electric motors connected to switches and remote controls. Rolling shutters are specially designed to withstand nature’s onslaught, built to meet building code requirements for wind loads and object impact. We love how these rolling shutters match the clean white aesthetic of this home — they look like they were really meant to be a part of this home’s style, even when they’re pulled all the way down.

Storm Panels

Storm panels offer the storm protection that you need at a moment’s notice. These panels are a great temporary, cost-effective way to keep your home safe. With a lightweight design and plenty of options for different finishes — ranging from a traditional aluminum panel to a transparent, UV-filtering panel — anyone can easily install, uninstall, and store these custom-sized panels for their coastal home or business. With the clear panels, you’ll get the affordable direct-attachment panel protection that you’d normally get with the aluminum panels — but with the same view that you get outside your window every day, allowing light to flow inside like it always does!

Bahama Shutters

Some Bahama Shutters are meant for aesthetic purposes only, which is why we love these specially designed panels that can protect your home or business against bad weather! These shutters are designed with the low-profile appeal of a traditional wooden Bahama Shutter, and coupled with the strength and durability of aluminum. Available in a wide variety of colors and finishes, Bahama Shutters can compliment any home or business, adding a tropical look to your exterior windowscape while continuing to offer protection against rain, wind, and anything else that Mother Nature has to offer during hurricane season.

Accordion Panels

The appearance of accordion shutters earns their namesake! These shutters unfold across your windows when needed and fold neatly back together when they’re not in use, maintaining a clean appearance for your home or business. This easy-to-use system doesn’t require any extra devices (like locking rods or extra bolts) to use after installation, and is available in a variety of natural, high-quality paint finishes to match your home’s unique appearance. This traditional storm shutter option has proven its effectiveness in protection — and style! — over many years of use by homeowners and businesses alike, making it a popular choice for storm shutter customers.

Though many years pass without a destructive storm, it only takes one hurricane season to cause property damage to your home or business. As you consider your storm shutter options this hurricane season, let us assist you in finding the system that works best for you and your unique style! Contact us today by calling (843) 949-8444 so that we can begin bringing your custom storm shutter windowscape to life.